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The fourth China (hefei) engineering machinery exhibition (2016)

The fourth China (hefei) engineering machinery exhibition (2016)

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Theexhibitionbasicsituation: Accordingtogoodexhibitioninformation,thisexhibitionforthenameofthe"2016thefourthChina(hefei)engineeringmachineryexhibition",displaythetimefromMarch25,2016toMarch27,2016,th
The exhibition basic situation:
According to good exhibition information, this exhibition for the name of the "2016 the fourth China (hefei) engineering machinery exhibition", display the time from March 25, 2016 to March 27, 2016, the exhibition industry, machinery industry, the exhibition held in hefei in anhui international convention and exhibition center.
For reason:
According to the organisers, we summarized the exhibition has the following window:
Point 1 (the last) : the ring of chaohu lake project construction transformation, the construction of subway project in hefei, for the development of construction machinery industry in anhui province has provided a broad market.
Point 2 (the last) : in hefei, anhui province provincial capital city, enjoy the national wan jiang city belt to undertake industrial transfer demonstration area of the core cities, Yangtze river delta urban economy to coordinate series such as reputation, offer the Hitachi, jianghuai, together a group of engineering machinery industry well-known enterprises, is China construction machinery industry is a new production base.
Point 3 (last) : total exhibition area from 15000 square meters in 2013 to 2014 in 20000 square meters, the number of exhibitors jumped from 186 in 2013 to 2014 in 317, the site also hosted the "construction machinery industry peak BBS, seminars, new products and new technology conference", a number of supporting activities such as trade show hot, massive, heterogeneous media such as TV, newspaper, website is to interview and report accordingly.
Point 4 (fair) : the second China (hefei) engineering machinery exhibition in March 30, 2014 victory in anhui international convention and exhibition center pull down the curtain.
Window () the exhibition: 2016 the fourth China (hefei) and the second engineering machinery orbit transportation exhibition in March 25 to 27, dressed up in anhui international convention and exhibition center.
Exhibition range:
We list compiled according to the scope of the commonly used on this exhibition exhibition range:
Engineering machinery; Machinery; Mining; Excavator; Mining machinery; Loading; Loader. A bulldozer. A bulldozer. Roller; Lifting; Crane; Juki. Forklift truck; Pile driving machinery. Drilling; Drill; Drilling machinery; Broken; Crusher; Concrete machinery; Concrete; Asphalt; Stirring; Blender; City; Municipal engineering machinery; Diesel generator set; Diesel generator; Diesel; Generator set; The generator; Power generation; The motor; Mine; Mining machinery; Ore dressing; Screening equipment; Smelting; Complete sets of equipment; Mining; Mining, loading and unloading; Loading and unloading; Mining conveyor; Delivery; Transportation equipment; Ascension; Mine construction; Drilling; Blasting;
The exhibition related data:
Our statistics show held in anhui international convention and exhibition center, this exhibition exhibition area is 20000 square meters. In 2011, hefei held 16 kicks exhibition. In 2009 and 2010, hefei respectively held nine games show and 15 times. The exhibition city in China is leading the way. Statistically, hefei 41 exhibitions held in this year, 1.30% of this year's show. According to the situation of the city show, you can arrange the ticket in advance hotel, etc.
The organisers of the will is in hefei million exhibition co., LTD., the host in the past three years of the communist party of China held the two exhibitions, ranked 931 in the 1600 organisers, exhibition area of 3.84 square meters, over the past three years ranked 877 in the 1600 organisers. Over the past three years there was no close the exhibition; In the past three years there was no delay at the exhibition;
The exhibition of important data analysis:
In order to help people understand the scale of the exhibition, the overall situation, etc., we query for this exhibition, an exhibition to some data on here the last exhibition, we can based on these data to determine the fair value. The list history data, is the hope that this has happened in data can be more than a simple the next prediction can better reflect the objective conditions.