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Yunnan: plan 23 highway construction project in 2016

Yunnan: plan 23 highway construction project in 2016

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Policy measures in the government of yunnan province have steady growth reading game 6 press conference, provincial department of transportation He Bo, said 2016 was "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" the start of the implementation, the province transportation industry should strive to achieve the annual 100 billion yuan of transportation investment. This year's plan starts kun chu, I chu, open the door to the ending with 23 highway project, etc. Ensure that all economic circle highway system project in yunnan, regardless of the high, high, start construction.

Realize high speed all the city for five years

This year is vigorously promoting the construction of the "five net", comprehensive transportation construction five years great battle and the years of poverty alleviation crucial key transportation. He Bo said the transportation industry in yunnan province through 5 years of efforts, to achieve the province all city highway, more than 500000 people the great city of economic circle in the county, yunnan county county highway, "seven provinces five exit" freeways and "two out of three province exit" water transport channel through comprehensively, preliminary built for south southeast Asia radiation center of comprehensive transportation system. By 2020, the provincial highway network total scale of 250000 kilometers, highway, waterway construction completed investment of 500 billion yuan.

He Bo introduces, at present, the province's highway construction project has the ruili to (3), called kua guozi hill of huping to lijiang, a recently to highway, etc. A total of 36. This year, including continuous 28 eight new development. Kunming (minshan) to chuxiong (broad sense), chuxiong (broad sense) to Dali, chuxiong to yao, "chu high-speed maitreya to yuxi," chu high-speed yuxi to chuxiong paragraphs, including yuanjiang to consumption, xundian to zhanyi, xingyi to fuyuan eight projects to start on February 24. According to statistics, more than 36 projects total mileage of 2971 kilometers (continuous 1999 kilometers, 972 kilometers) new development, almost (estimate) calculate the total investment is 266.6 billion yuan (before the new construction project test section 8).

By the end of February, 36 projects since starts the total investment of 77 billion yuan, accounting for 28.89% of the budgetary estimate of investment. Accumulative total investment of 63.139 billion yuan. We have learned, in order to boost the construction project, the province transportation hall all-in budget, establishing responsibility list, people-oriented, demolition in accordance with the law, timely cash land expropriation compensation, achieve harmony demolition; At the same time, the establishment of construction project scheduling system, coordinate to solve prominent problems in the requisition, ensure project smoothly.

By the end of next year 100% hardening ways incorporated villages

"This year, will ensure that all economic circle highway system project in yunnan, regardless of the high, high, all construction." He Bo introduction, this year's plan starts kun chu, I chu, open the door to the ending with 23 highway project, etc. Among them, the kunming (minshan) to chuxiong (broad sense), chuxiong (broad sense) to Dali west 8 project has commenced on February 24.

In addition, in the first quarter construction of baoshan city southeast of transit round high-speed, Dali, struck binchuan Wu Ding if he went to xundian, string wire to the city, chengjiang to jiangchuan highways; In the second quarter of construction to open the door to sprinkle the ending highway; In the construction of lincang to qingshui river, home opportunely to Glenn highway; In the fourth quarter construction pearl street to the south, wenshan to maguan, stone forest to luxi, yuan Yang to spring, tendril green consumption to jin, tengchong to (3), called kua, luxi xuanwei weining highway.

Province transport department to smooth traffic as crucial for poverty alleviation "number one project" to grasp, strive to achieve 100% by the end of 2017 incorporated villages target hardening road, strive to transform all year more than 500 km border G219 highway. Using preferential loans the bank policy to accelerate the rural road construction, implement the "2015 rural highway under construction to be completed in 2016, 2015, 16000 km of rural roads comprehensive arrangement of construction" goal. Shipping infrastructure projects implemented quickly xiaowan reservoir, the phase ii of the lancang river category five channel 12 items. Strive to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" in the first two years complete establishment of village road hardening.